Along with our partners Arcanum Security is able to design complete security solutions to meet our client’s needs and budget. We evaluate the property, type of building, requirements of the users and other variables to determine the best solution to meet our client’s needs in such a way as to ensure the smooth running of daily life and business continuity. Our management takes pride in its seamlessly integrated security management solutions for world-class projects at various events during the Cannes Film Festival. 

Safety Programs 

Creating and establish a plan of action for various risk situations, relevant to our client’s  property’s work environment.

Risk Management

Evaluating safety and security issues by conducting site surveys. Arcanum Security is happy to help audit our client’s facilities to identify any vulnerabilities and ensure the safety of the property, organization, and employees.

Security Evaluations

Evaluating our client’s property, employee and guest security to ensure a safe environment and productive workforce.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Conducting proactive or reactive threat and vulnerability assessments to address any and all possible threats to our client’s assets.

Prevention Programs

Ensuring the safety of our client’s property, employees, and guests through proactive prevention programs. We also train our client’s own personnel to spot key activities and whom to notify if any concerns arise.

Our Partners

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