Home Security

Whether our clients need round-the-clock guards, personal protection or advanced monitoring, Arcanum Security has the solution to meet every need. Investing in ‘eyes and ears’ on-site is a tried, tested and proven security method, irrespective of how advanced a security system may be. Our qualified and experienced Security Officers are on hand when and where our clients need them. They also act as our client’s personal contact, keeping them constantly informed about the safety and security of the property.

To meet current legislation, all our Security Officers are licensed by the National Council of Private Securities Activities (CNAPS) and have a long service background in military or law enforcement services. They are available on-site and at the time-frequency stipulated by our clients. Where a property has multiple points of entry our clients can combine our guard services with our advanced alarm systems, effectively doubling the security without doubling the cost. Whenever there is a threat to our clients’ staff or others, we can assign fully trained, professional and experienced Security Officers to provide discreet personal close protection.

Our Partners

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