Physical Security

We protect people and property from actions that could cause serious loss or damage to an individual, enterprise or institution. These include: physical assault, burglary, theft, vandalism, and terrorism. Physical security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems, which include CCTV surveillance, security guards, protective barriers, locks, access control protocols, and many other techniques.


Arcanum Security's know-how

Security personnel play a central role in all layers of security. All of the technological systems that are used to enhance physical security are useless without a security force that is trained in their use and maintenance – one that knows how to respond properly to breaches in security. Security personnel perform many functions: patrolling facilities; administering electronic access control; responding to alarms and monitoring and analyzing video footage.

All our Security Officers are licensed by the National Council of Private Securities Activities (CNAPS), and have a long service background in either the military or law enforcement. They are equipped with specialist training, specifically customised to the requirements of each client, making them ideal for deployment: at concerts and events; clubs and restaurants; in VIP security teams; in guarding private property; in control room operations, and in patrolling;  visitor management and guidance;  parking control; security patrols; general crowd control and a host of other commercial activities.

Our Partners

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